A Terrifyingly Weird Fact: Nash And Hayes Grier Almost Didn’t Exist!

That’s right the famous vine brothers Nash And Hayes almost didn’t exist. why you say…  A B-52 stratofortress carrying two mark 39 hydrogen bombs developed a fuel leak in its right wing. Heading back to Seymour Johnson Air force base the pilots lost control and 6 of the 8 crews members ejected before the B-52 entered a spin. The two nuclear bombs separated from the gyrating aircraft as it broke up and crashed. Luckily one of the bombs sank into some swampy farmland and its uranium core never to be recovered. The other deployed its parachute and fall to earth and 3 of the 4 safety switches unlocked. One very low voltage switch kept the bomb from destroying most of North Carolina and killing its residents. Therefore making it in possible to for Nash and Hayes Grier to be born.

Other Celebrities that wouldn’t be here either : Michael C. Hall, Sugar Ray Leonard, Andy Griffith, Julianne Moore, Dale Earnhardt, Clay Aiken, Pam Grier, and Edward Freaking Snowden.

And one more importantly Michael Jordan might not and had a basketball career if it wasn’t for attending the university of North Carolina. He maybe a complete asshole but he did win the Chicago Bulls 6 NBA Championships.

Theoddjobblogger Aka Leti